About us

Ray Darten specializes in creating deeply rooted African made clothing and accessories. We are focused on using our styles to tell stories of our magnificent Nigerian culture and heritage. We view ourselves as not just story tellers of African elegance but also playing a role in helping drive its economy with all our fabrics sourced and our clothes handmade in Nigeria. In 2019, we made a transition into a new production facility in Nigeria, significantly increasing our team members count, thus reaffirming our commitment to telling stories of Africa through pieces made in Africa. We've also made a commitment to give back to children in our community through our Ray Of Hope initiative.


Ray Darten represents an idea held by Yetunde Olukoya ,a medical doctor turned designer, whose idea has finally come to life...transitioning from a long adored hobby and taking the huge leap to share its uniqueness with the world. The name Ray Darten was birthed from a wordplay with her kids' rich Yoruba names...Ire, pronounced eRAY, DARa & TENi. She strongly believes in sharing our handcrafted pieces, made of bold Ankara prints , with versatile  styles geared towards complimenting each individual's unique beauty.


We continue to strive to provide outstanding customer service with emphasis on responding quickly to any questions or concerns and welcoming feedback regarding our products. We are excited to welcome you on this wonderful journey we are taking and really do hope that you enjoy the ride!


Picture of our founder and her "assistants" in some of her home-made pieces (2015):


One of the 1st Ray Darten photoshoots (2016):