Everyone needs to be valued, everyone has the potential to give something back.
– Princess Diana



Over the last decade, Nigeria’s exponential growth in population has put immense pressure on the country’s resources and on already overstretched public services and infrastructure. With children under 15 years of age accounting for about 45 per cent of the country’s population, the burden on education and other sectors has become overwhelming. (UNICEF -Nigeria).


In light of above report and current situation of the Nigerian Educational Infrastructural system, Ray Darten thought it right to give back to the community within which our business is run. We therefore decided to support primary schools around our location currently experiencing similar needs for educational resources and items.


One of the schools, Oke Meta Primary School has been in existence since September, 1950. The school with a population size of over 150 students has been the Alma mater of many individuals within the community.  For instance, two of our staff had their Basic education from this school to further buttress its importance to this community. However, upon meeting with the Management of the school, they made it clear to us that the school still lacked some basic school resources, facilities and educational items which is paramount to the proper training of the kids.

Every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality education.



Upon proper consultation with the school management on the schools needs, we have been able to support the school on several occasions to provide some of the required items as needed. So far we have donated items such as, White Boards and Markers to replace the traditional black chalk boards, which could be harmful to the respiratory system of the kids, let alone the inconvenience felt by teachers when trying to use this medium to communicate to the children.

We have also been able to donate other items which include Exercise Books, Pattern Paper, Water Colors, Crayons, Paint Brushes, Rulers, Erasers, Markers, Educational Toys, Illustrative Boards, Toiletries, Waste Bins, Mop and Buckets, disinfectants, Water Storage Drums and other items to the schools.

We intend to make this a continuous process and further expand to more schools within our reach to support them in a likewise fashion and help bridge the gap.





Our aim is to continually expand the Ray of Hope Franchise creating awareness for everyone to support our course of giving back to our local communities, not only in the area of education, but also in healthcare (with the fight against malaria), nutrition, water, power and other needs within our community.

We have started with Education as we believe the Children are the future of this community and education is an invaluable asset which we can give them as a tool to help develop our communities in the nearest future. Hence, we are starting from the roots.


We’ve been doing this all alone as a company for almost 2 years as a way of giving back but we recently had some of our customers reach out who really wanted to be involved! We are highly appreciative of this, as your assistance is currently touching the live(s) of Kids thousands of Miles away in Nigeria whilst giving them a Ray of Hope for a brighter future. What are you waiting for, Join the Initiative Today and add some sparkle and hope to a child’s future.

“Happiness Doesn’t result from what you will get but from what we give. 
– Dr. Ben Carson
Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud
 – Maya Angelou.


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