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The Making of the Best Selling Oye African Print Dress

Posted on August 23 2019

The Making of the Best Selling Oye African Print Dress

When making our African print dresses, we think about putting out a design that makes our women feel like royalty and like the Queens that they are. The design that makes them go out to shine, stand out, look elegant and confident. The Oye Dress wasn’t an exception to our vision.


We chose a blue, red and gold African Print for this Dress. Our vision was to place the Dark Blue Diamond shape at the bust of the dress representing an emerging precious jewel through the Middle which later burst into a bold red print exploding out of the diamond in full awe and flare representing the resonating beauty of the woman that can’t be overlooked. Finally, the bold red is surrounded in a lining of gold roundly secured as our women are very precious. Just like gold they should be well protected.


    We decided to sketch a design that was elegant for any red-Carpet event, dinner or party, yet comfortable, and chic to wear as an everyday outfit.  So, we went with a Round and High Neck Line, with a sleeveless cut,  two side pockets to keep your valuables and to give that stylish graceful pose on the runway. We also gave the sketch a great waistline fit before the elegantly flowing bottom of the dress.



      Our In-house Fashion Designer shared the sketch, detailing the concept of what we are trying to achieve with the Dress. Our Tailors then Cut out Patterns in line with our existing Size Chart for S, M, L,1X,2X,3X,4X.


        A sample is then professionally tailor-made as a proof of concept, which is then worn on our size adjustable dress form to confirm the fit and reconfirm if any adjustments are needed.

         QUALITY CONTROL CHECK               

          Once Concept has been proofed, the quality control Manager checks for the correctness and confirm that all quality requirements as regards the dress e.g measurements, fully lined interior, neat cuts, and sewing e.t.c have been met, we then begin full line production for other sizes based on product supply needs.


            Upon completion of production, the dresses are then Modeled during our photoshoot session, taking pictures of the Front Back and Side View for final Upload on the Site


            Dresses are then packaged and shipped to our central warehouse in the US, from which orders are placed and delivered to clients all over the world

            POP UP

            Our Dresses are sold online and during our Pop-Ups held across various locations in the US.


            What are you waiting for? Watch out for the Ray Darten African Fashion Storm!!!, check your fashion forecast and keep the dates open. We might be in a city near you. Ray Darten to The World!!!














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            • Sarah Walker: September 02, 2019

              Will this dress become available again?

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