Ray Darten to the World!!!



 One of Los Angeles best Television stations, FOX 11 Los Angeles reached out to us to be a part of its Good day LA show. Having read our story and seen our work, the FOX LA team was impressed with our work.

They decided to have an interview with our founder, Yetunde Olukoya for a feature on the Ray Darten Brand, our drive to promote African Fashion globally, and our willingness to offer African inspired outfits ideas ahead of the then, upcoming Black Panther Premiere. Our feature had tremendous views across various social media platforms & we're so honored!

Follow Link below to watch our CEO’s interview on Good Day LA.


Wow, Isn’t that Amazing?From where we stand, we are just getting started with our global reach. For starters, we intend moving Our Upcoming Ray Darten Pop Up Tours to over 16 Cities before the end of the year. See at the end of this article a List of our upcoming Pop Up shows and dates!


The Black Panther Movie became a major turning point in Marvel’s Super Hero Movies which would seal itself in the prints of History for a very long time to come. Shattering Records and setting Pace for New Records. However, we couldn’t ignore one of the major attributes that made the Wakanda Nation standout, which was their Fashion and Style.

Wakanda was a fictional depiction of what an Ideal Black nation or community in a perfectly working system should look like. One that takes pride in its people and expresses the diverse personality, pride and culture of its people through its distinct fashion sense which was deeply rooted in its African heritage.

Ruth Carter was able to depict this rich African heritage and gorgeous pieces through the Black Panther movie. So, we weren’t surprised to learn that some of the costume ideas came from Nigeria. Which is the source of Ray Darten’s Fashion Uniqueness and Diversity. This made people all over the world find it easy to relate with the characters and use the African fashion inspiring pieces as a merge point to relate with the movie whilst understanding the deep-rooted story behind it. We were able to express some of this unique African fashion pieces during our Feature on the FOX LA 11.

So, during the viewing of Black Panther in various movie theaters we noticed a lot of people going for African inspired outfits and Black twitter was flooded with hash tags of “What are you wearing to the Black Panther Premiere”. This made us understand the strength of originality and staying true to your roots whilst finding pride in expressing your innate being to the world. Hence, making the world appreciate your unique sense of fashion as a new movement that could revolutionize the way fashion has been seen in the past decades.

Once again, we conclude by saying that African/Nigerian Fashion is here to stay and Ray Darten intends to be at the fore front...pushing African fashion to the world in ways it's never been done before! Watch out for the Ray Darten African Fashion Storm!!!, check your fashion forecast and keep the dates opened. We might be in a city near you.

Ray Darten to The World!!!

** Check Out Our Pop Up Dates Below…


Upcoming Fashion Shows & Pop Ups

Cleveland,OH Apr 28th & 29th

Lab Studios by GLO

2460 Lakeside Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44114 


Philadelphia, PA May 12th & 13th 

Power Plant Productions

230 N 2nd St #3a

Philadelphia, PA 19106

United States


 WASHINGTON DC June 9th & 10th

 National Union Building

 918 F St NW, 6th Floor

 Washington DC 20004



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