Ray Darten "Then Vs Now" Challenge

Then Vs Now Challenge

 As Benjamin Disraeli said "Change is inevitable, Change is constant." we all experience changes everyday but we don't notice it, till it becomes visible and the "then vs now" challenge celebrates change in all forms. Are we late to the party? Nope! because I believe it is a lifetime challenge and the buzz keeps growing each day.

Just like everything and everyone in life, Ray Darten has changed in all aspects, from the size of the company down to the style of the pieces we create. We are embracing all changes and forging ahead to create a company that celebrates history, culture, individuality and acceptance.

Sit back and let's take a little work down memory lane. Here is our challenge, Ray Darten style. 

                    Then                                                                     Now


              Piece in 2016                                                    Mandere Maxi Dress

                  Then                                                                       Now


Staff and Production Factory in 2017              Staff and Production Factory now 

                  Then                                                                      Now


               Piece in 2016                                                   Cicely Wrap Dress 

                   Then                                                                    Now


               Piece in 2016                                                Zama Jacket Dress

                   Then                                                                     Now



               Piece in 2016                                                   Adesoye Dress

Just a little glimpse into how we started and where we are now. You are seeing our "Now" which means you have seen our "Then" of the future and we can't wait to see what our "Now" of the future will look like.


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