Monthly Ray Darten Staff Training Workshop

Monthly Staff Training
At Ray Darten, we believe in continuous learning and growth to remain up to par with styles and trends and to also ensure we keep our staff on their toes to ensure our African Print Clothing remain at the best standard possible.
One Saturday in a month, the staff gather to discuss difficulties they face in a particular dress style or pattern, new styles are shown, discussed and the patterns are created. 
They are then split into 7 different groups and go through a rotational cycle every 15minutes and learn from each team leader.
One of the head quality control staff heading this group.
Our youngest team leader putting through the pattern making process.
Head tailor taking them through the pattern placement of the fabric.
We employed these tactics to ensure we are putting our best products out and to do so, we would have to make sure our staff are also at their best. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we are constantly in top shape in all aspects of our work. Every Ray Darten African Print dress should hold the quality and standard of the brand.



Written By: Opeyemi Onilogbo




  • Ronda

    This is great! The team really does great work to create high quality products. Keep up the good work! I’m very pleased with my selections thus far.

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