Flowers on Flowers Ankara Street Style

So I love my high heels, ok, ok I absolutely adore them!! But I would never trade my comfort for avoidable pain (a little lie there). But seriously, if I have to walk more than a couple of steps, flats all the way!


I have fallen in love with sneakers all over again. I mean, I have always been sort of a sneakers gal but this new love is just unexplainable. Hmmm, may have something to do with the fact that having to chase the kids around in heels is hell.

Super comfortable and stylish if worn right…. guess the love is self-explanatory after all.


So for our long walk in search for lunch, my Adidas Superstars was a no brainer. Wore a sleeveless, extremely lightweight flower print top tucked into the Ray Darten Ife midi skirt. Who says you can’t wear prints on prints? I don’t believe fashion has rules, experiment, have fun with your outfits and slay!!!!  By the way, the skirt wasn’t meant to be mine but the fabric left wasn’t enough to make a full Ray Darten ankara skirt and since we don’t compromise, a less full skirt was made and I had to keep it for myself….(Yaaaaaay!!!). This happened after promising myself not to own every Ray Darten piece (I literally own every piece). I mean, I can’t help myself, they are all gorgeous, aren’t they?


So, lunch was yummy and we were supposed to head back to the hotel but don’t know how the kids talked us into going to the beach and before I knew it, we were building sand castles (sigh) I’m up for spontaneous kids’ play anyway so guess I can’t complain.


There goes my outfit of the day!! We all had to take showers and dress up all over again. Enjoy your weekend guys and let me know what you think.





Ife Midi Skirt- Ray Darten

Flower print top- TJ maxx

Photography- Wole Olukoya




  • Elle

    i hope you feel as comfy as the pictures depict!!!
    excellent combo _ comfy, enticing, free and sexy


  • Elika

    You look great. I love the skirt

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