Ray Darten's Embroidery Line Collection


Ray Darten's Embroidery Line

Our embroidery line masterpiece aims to show off your elegance, class, and a hint of royalty. The embroidery designs are 100% handcrafted and sewn. The intricate designs in the embroidery work are done freehand. We want to highlight the craftsmanship, work, and beauty of the embroidery line. 

Let's take you through some of our outstanding embroidery pieces and production process. Each piece made goes through a rigorous 3 step handcrafting process geared to make you feel like the queen you are!


Kid's Line

Women's Line

Men's Line


Production Process

Let's take a short look at the production process for our embroidery line. 

Cutting of the Dress

Each dress style has its own pattern draft. Once the dress to be sewn is stated, the tailor cut the fabric using the style pattern and passes the pieces of the fabric that need embroidery work to the embroidery tailor. 

Sketching of the pattern

The embroidery tailors sketch the framework/outline of the design to be sewn on the fabric on sticky paper. The paper acts as a guide for the tailor to prevent errors and promote the neatness of the work. The designs are done based on the style and pattern of the dress.  

Hot PressingThe Sketch Framework/Outline To Fabric

The sketched framework/outline is then ironed onto the back of the fabric at the exact position the design would be sewn.

Sewing the Framework/Outline Of The Pattern

The framework/outline is sewn to the fabric from the back with the sticky paper still attached to ensure accuracy. This outline will give the main design of the embroidery work at the front oh the fabric.  

Freehand Pattern Detailing

The intricate details that go into the framework/outline of the designs are completely freehand. To complete the embroidery work on each outfit takes a total of two days. The dedication to each outfit is second to none.

Sewing of the Outfit

Once the embroidery work on the dress is completed, it is then passed back to the tailor to sew the dress. This takes another day before the dress is finally completed after passing through quality control for approval.

Final Look

It is a long process, three whooping days but the outcome is always breathtaking.

Get your hands on any of our dresses from the embroidery line and you would definitely not stop talking about it.


Written By: Opeyemi Onilogbo



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  • Juanita kaiser

    Is this dress on your site yet? I looked for it but couldn’t find it. It’s very Beautiful and would love to purchase it in size 2X pls and Thank you. I am a repeated customer and love your designs.

  • Kimberlea Oloruntoba

    Thank YOU for always making me SMILE from my selections my goal is to purchase myself one new outfit each month eventually replacing all my American made clothes to African styles Only and becoming a model. Everyone wants my dresses once in wear them ♥️

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