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Posted on May 10 2018

“To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

Winning is a relative term for everyone depending on what your goals are set on.

Profit-making to keep a business running is important but for a business that intends to remain relevant for decades, the focus should be on its customers and ensuring excellent service delivery to them at all times.

But before an excellent piece can be delivered, the company’s back-end staff is important! Without them, products can't be delivered.

In order for a business to produce products that meet standards in terms of quality and efficiency, the employer has to constantly ensure that its staff believes in the vision, is driven, skilled, passionate, adequately compensated and recognized for the input they make to the business during their period of employment up to the point of resignation.

In light of the above, we decided to make this week's blog  about one of our outstanding staff who recently resigned, we would discuss her stay in the company, her contribution, achievements and send forth party held for her. Her Name is Seliat and Yes, she deserves all the accolades!


                                  CELEBRATING SELIAT 

Besides our beautiful customers, our people @ Raydarten are our most priced assets. 

Today we choose to celebrate one of our own “Seliat Oyebanji”

***Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company.” – Zig Ziglar

Seliat is an Alumni of the Nigerian Opportunities Industrial Center where she studied Fashion Design. She also has a Diploma in Accounting from Yaba College of technology, Lagos, Nigeria.

She is one of our Pioneer staff as at when we started the Ray Darten Nigeria Office. She is a Tailor/Fashion Designer with us. She worked with us for approximately one year and had to leave because she needed to go back to school for a higher diploma course. During her stay, she performed excellently well, surpassing her set targets on numerous occasions. As a thoughtful Employer that we are, we have a Bonus Scheme and her excellent performance was always appreciated with a Bonus Pay each time she surpassed set targets. Need we say that Seliat is the Ideal Ray Darten Dream Staff as she is pro-active, works together with the Ray Darten Team to meet production deadlines, understands expectations and works relentlessly to surpass them. It's no wonder we are going to miss her dearly.




As part of appreciating her work, we hosted her to an in-office send forth party where we wined and dined with her, gave our appreciation speech, presented her with a gift as well as wished her well in her future endeavors.


As part of our way to continually support her as she goes back to school, we offered her a Work/Study Employment to enable her still work with us and earn extra income to support school, yet within a flexible schedule that works well with her school curriculum.

At Ray Darten we strive to ensure that as we win, our people are also winning. So, we encourage them to get that degree, hit that gym, attend that Yoga Class, start that family, nurture that hobby, even whilst working for us.

Little Wonder that we've started winning in the Market place with our Market Share of the African Fashion Clothing growing every day. We are confident that we have just the right people, who are passionate, driven and as happy about the Ray Darten Brand as we are! We would continue to nurture their enthusiasm as we all Win Together!




This is to our Ray Darten Family, the ones behind the beautiful hand-made pieces you rock and look glam in. They truly deserve our appreciation!

Watch out for the Ray Darten African Fashion Storm!!!, check your fashion forecast and keep the dates open. We might be in a city near you. Ray Darten to The World!!!

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