We believe it is important to show the face of the team working hard to create the masterpiece we constantly deliver. We recognize their efforts and influence to the team, this is why we would like to put the spotlight on them and have them tell you about Ray Darten and what it means to them.

Meet  Olalekan Rotimi, he has been with us for 11 months. He is always vibrant and very hardworking.

Question: How has Ray Darten changed or impacted you?

Response: Ray Darten has impacted me positively in some ways and all good obviously, it's surprising.

Question: Describe how Ray Darten stands out from other fashion houses?

Response: Ray Darten stands out from other fashion houses to me based on how they have exhibited fashion styles and the growth of the company has gone beyond imagination even though I have been with them in less than a year. 

Question: What message would you want to pass to the youths on African fashion?
Response: African fashion is now taking the global stage and it is been appreciated and recognized worldwide. This is the time to create awareness of our culture and also create a business for yourself. Ray Darten showcases our culture through fashion and at the same time provides jobs and opportunities for a lot of people, you can do the same. This is the kind of contribution that would help our economy and global reputation.

Question: What has changed since you joined Ray Darten?

Response: Ray Darten has changed my orientation about Africa fashion, business, communication skills, project management and also changed my technical skills in pattern making and more.


Thank you.

This is one of the many ways we hope to encourage and appreciate our team, while also inspiring others to stand up, embrace their cultures and do more.


Written By: Opeyemi Onilogbo




  • DIanne FLakes-Jordan

    I recently purchased 3 ensembles and live the rich fabricS and prints and outstanding quality. I want to introduce all my friends and acquaintances to Ray Darten’s high end clothing.

  • Dr. Keith Gavin

    This is a great product, love the style and all-black American women in America should wear these dresses. please give me a call to help sell that idea in TX, and other areas where blacks gather. By changing the dress look black Americans can help Africa and black America’s to dress traditionally. 254-247-6508

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