Happy New Year !!!


The year ended with such a bang, so we would like to take time out to celebrate our best outfits from 2019 staff edition before 2020 kicks in fully.
Who better to evaluate this than the people who made the clothes, so we did a poll on all our 2019 outfits and we present to you the outfits that killed the game in 2019.

This dress takes the win for 2019. A unanimous win in the poll and a well deserved one if I say so myself. The dress looks so simple but the time and effort spent on it is honestly mind-blowing. It takes roughly 2 days to complete the embroidery work and about 1 day to complete the dress from start to finish. that's a total of 3 days, I mean, need I say more?

Arinola African Print Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is definitely a fan favorite, we went through stock super fast. I can't count how many times we had to restock the jumpsuit. From the pattern to the colour and then style, everything about the jumpsuit is a scene-stealer. 


Toye Embroidery Kids Dress

The Toye kid's embroidery dress is just too cute. We have a complete line on the embroidery design for the whole family.


Foye African Print Culotte Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is the perfect "It Girl" jumpsuit. It is chic, sexy and super comfortable.


Ere African Print Jacket Dress

The colour and sleeves of the Ere jacket dress took it from 100 to 1000. The picture honestly doesn't do this dress justice, take it from me.


Dada African Print Dress and Kids Dress

Twinning never looked this cute. The Dada African print dress is definitely the Mommy and Me dress of last year. 

 Olori African Print Kids Dress

The Olori African print kids dress and bow detail on the shoulder always gets the kids' attention first. Most importantly they love twirling in the dress.


Erimipe African Print Pants

This pant is just too chic and cool for anyone to pass it and not notice it. Perfect for both formal and informal outings, it is the go-to pant.


Dayo Short Sleeve African Print Shirt

The Dayo African print shirt is just an overall favorite. It can be paired with anything for any occasion.


Ajasa African Print Dress

There is just something about the print of the Ajasa African print dress that captivates one. The dress is honestly beautiful, that's the best way I can put it.

Biola African Print Wrap Dress

This asymmetrical wrap dress took everyone by storm, I mean look at the dress, sexy, chic and super cute. 

Ope African Print Wrap Dress

I honestly can't get enough of this Ope African print wrap dress. It makes you feel like you can conquer the world. It's a super comfortable and chic dress.


The name of each outfit is a direct link to the outfit on the website.

If you didn't patronize us in 2019, I hope you do in 2020 because we have so many killer designs and outfits planned for this year and you all are honestly not ready. So please make sure to follow all our social media platforms to stay updated.


Written By: Opeyemi Onilogbo



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