African Print Moving Beyond Africa

African Print Moving Beyond Africa
African music has been on the rise over the recent years with Nigerian artist like Burna Boy and Mr. Eazi performing at Coachella, Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy winning BET awards but right now, African music is at the center of the global stage. Aside the very difficult year we all had due to the pandemic, music has been a source of light for some (myself especially). African music has reached an even wider audience due to the recent release of Beyoncé's visual album named "Black Is King". The album is centered around the journey of a young African prince. Beyoncé featured an array of Top African artist and the visual album celebrated several African cultures, hairstyles and outfits.
How does this influence African fashion, you might ask? Well, music and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion to me, is the visual representation of music. This is evident in the Black is king visual album. The album made for meaning due to the representation of various cultures through fashion and art.
Recently, the CEO of Ray Darten, Yetunde Olukoya featured on New York Times paper as a black owned business (Woman) making waves in the United States. We might not be on Beyoncé's level yet(LOL), but we are well on our way to taking African print to the center stage of the world. 
African print is talking without speaking, making a statement without force and drawing attention without trying and empowering every everyone to be them unapologetically. 
Look out for Ray Darten, this is just the beginning!
Ray Darten can now be found on Beyoncé's website.
Click on the name below and you will redirected to Beyoncé's website and then search Ray Darten. 
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Written By: Opeyemi Onilogbo




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