How To Choose A Good Woman's Festival Outfit

How to Choose a Good Women's Festival Outfit

Festivals can be quite exhilarating especially if it's your first time. It's always smart to wear an outfit that's stylish and comfortable for better mobility Here are some tips to help you ladies choose a good festival outfit.  


Choose Shirts That Fit the Weather

If the weather is a bit hot and humid, maybe a long sleeve gypsy would be a good choice. It's long, flowy, and it'll help you breathe better. Women's festival outfits should be light and fun to wear because you want to bring that energy to the event.

A flannel around the waist adds color, and it's a good idea to have it there in case things cool down toward the end of the night. You can easily change into that without having to go back to your car or putting on a big jacket.


Have the Right Footwear

While it's nice to have some cool platform boots to complete the look, think about the venue. Are you going to an outdoor venue with hills? Maybe it's all flat and concrete.


Sneakers would be a great choice for an uneven territory because you never know what dips can annoying while you're walking or running along. If you're on a flat surface, platformers work great because it gives you the height boost but you won't fall into too many hazards. 

Moccasins, leather, and canvas can all be comfortable shoes to wear on your feet. Just mind the weather because canvas gets stains on it easily.


Pick a Good Hairstyle

You can wear any hairstyle you want, but it may be good to rock some braids and beads. That hairstyle is a safe bet when you're really active because you don't have to worry about your sweaty hair hitting your face. Caps can be a nice thing to rock with that casual hairstyle as well.


Good Accessories to Protect You From the Sun

Since festivals start to happen when the summer really starts to boil, it's a good idea to have good shades to protect your eyes from the sun. These are not only complete your lady festival fit, but they give you a cool edge.


Don't forget to put on some sunscreen to help protect your skin. It's not fun dealing with a sunburn after being outside all day. With these clothing items and accessories, you'll be ready for your next festival.


 By Guest Writer: Solange Garcia


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