Perfect Ankara Top For The Beach (First Post)

Welcome to the Ray Darten blog!! Thank God it's Fri-Yaaaay!! This is going to be the 1st of many,  focused on sharing styles , nature, family, our team, anything that comes to mind and how all these inspire our styles at RD.

So what to talk about, hmm... ok I know, the past few days have been very busy, stressful yet so so rewarding and exciting, Ray Darten finally launched...Yaaay!!!! Couldn't be more grateful to God for this new chapter of my life and you guys are making it all worth it already. Overwhelmed by the kind words, support and of course, the orders. Thank you!!!!!

So what better way to ease the stress than hit the beach... Yaaaaaas! I'm an absolute lover of nature and being immersed in nature is just the most relaxing thing I could ever think of. I find the beach to be one of the best places to get inspiration for my designs. Did I mention I had my sketch book, pens, markers etc with me? You know what that means right? New designs!!!!!! Stay tuned. 

The Ray Darten Ebun off-shoulder top was the perfect piece I needed, it's stylish, breezy, lightweight and you bet comfortable. You can never go wrong with the pop of colors too...they scream summer! fun! and confidence!!! I paired it with an Asos wrap maxi skirt with a slit to show off just the right amount of skin (yeah baby). 

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you guys think. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @raydarten, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest.




Off-shoulder ankara top- Ray Darten

Maxi Skirt- ASOS 

Lip color- Mac Retro Matte liquid lippie (Dance with Me)

Sunglasses- Oldie but goodie

Photography- Wole Olukoya





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    Patient organisation activities are supported by the government and other non-governmental our bodies: this financial help is meant for capability building, networking actions, dissemination of knowledge and information sharing and occasions Representatives of patient organisations are additionally invited to participate within the meetings of the Croatian Society for Rare Diseases when coverage issues (and other issues of interest are discussed). Leaky expression (not actively induced) of recombinant proteins is mostly undesirable because expression of the recombinant protein could also be toxic and stop bacterial growth. Oct 08 2020 Oral systemic therapies are small molecule medicines which are taken by mouth virus 2014 adults [url=]purchase colchicina overnight[/url]. Female genital mutilation/circumcision: Culture and sexual health in Igbo ladies in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (Doctoral Dissertation). Since most plasma proteins are produced during the liver, any condition affecting liver concern can also change the viscosity reduce and accordingly decrease blood bubble.
    Even the states (Bundeslander) supervise self-governing bodies at state right now, this legacy explains the 2 most characteristic options level and are liable for hospital planning and investments as of the system: a multi-payer system with excessive reliance on selfwell as medical education. Briefly, the procedure is completed on the time of readily available, there’s still a considerable delay between the on- endoscopy, with the balloon positioned over the guidewire and posi- set of symptoms and the diagnosis. Number of women 15 44 years of age, variety of unmarried girls 15 forty four years of age, and percent distribution by whole births expected, based on marital standing, parity, and fecundity status: United States, 2002 muscle relaxant reversal agents [url=]purchase cheap robaxin on-line[/url]. Although the bone marrow aspirate is often scanty, characteristic hairy lymphs may be observed. The first mannequin the model of blocked have an effect on therapeutic abreaction was developed by Freud and his colleague Breuer when they treated hysterical sufferers with dissociative symptoms and located that many of those patients suffered from some early trauma, such as sexual abuse, early lack of a beloved father or mother, and so on. Let me say that sure, diet, vitamins and way of life modifications are critically necessary in stopping most cancers and serving to us by way of cancer, but before we talk about vitamin, lets take a look at deadly emotions. Because eye actions can work in concert with perception systems that underlie implicit attitudes, social signals from exterior influencers, similar to heuristics (beliefs about meals), could cause a change in decision-making to increase or lower consumption (Booth, 2008; Gigerenzer, 2001; Library Economic Liberty, 2012; Mele et al. Also, the issues following retained tubes after hysterectomy and sterilization like hydrosalpinx, pelvic infammatory illness, salpingitis, benign fallopian tube tumours, and tube prolapse could be avoided by performing salpingectomy at the time of hysterectomy and in lieu of tubal ligation17 antibiotics for dogs with salivary gland infection [url=]cheap ivermectin 3mg line[/url]. Severe: the patient has a recurring lack of ability to go to sleep within a imply of four Diagnostic Criteria: Delayed Sleep-Phase syndrome (780. Several other indicators and symptoms are generally related to inflammatory tinea capitis. When a wild-sort X chromosome which is silenced might get reactivated, a cell will re-express a wild-type copy of the missing or non-functioning protein, which could result in an enchancment of the illness phenotype. The youngster with Asperger’s syndrome is making an attempt to grasp our social customs in a lot the identical means as an anthropologist who has discovered a brand new tribe will wish to study its people and customs. The 2 forms of childhood acute leukemia behave and are treated in very totally different manners, and have vastly completely different prognoses menopause quizlet [url=]generic fosamax 35mg on line[/url]. The inside cell mass is made up of pluripotent stem cells and these stem cells can be extracted and isolated by researchers, which was first done in 1998 at 6 the University of Wisconsin. Preimplantation—With regard to an Somatic cell—Any physique cell apart from embryo, preimplantation means that gametes (egg or sperm); typically the embryo has not yet implanted referred to as “adult” cells. Pregnant women vulnerable to hepatitis B infec tion additionally should be vaccinated (see also Hepatitis B Virus in Chapter 10). Friendships are crucial at this age, so look for ways to assist your teen keep related to friends by way of texting, e-mails, online video chats, letters, photos, and visits. Relevance to the rule of thumb recommendatons the above artcle discusses the price-efectveness of strategies related to scientific queston 2 gastritis diet рбк [url=]purchase renagel[/url]. Comparison of gentamicin and mupiro influence of neutral-pH peritoneal dialysates with reduced glucose deg cin within the prevention of exit-site an infection and peritonitis in peritoneal radation merchandise on clinical outcomes in peritoneal dialysis sufferers. The regression is weighted by precision of examine estimates such that larger studies have extra inuence than smaller studies. Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor Protocols and Algorithms. These models have residence program must additionally recognize that strategies of teaching been culturally insensitive by denying the realities of nonand learning differ between cultures. Cystine Calculi tubular acidosis, persistent hydrochlorothiazide therapy, Cystine stones are a result of abnormal excretion of cystine breast cancer awareness month 2014 [url=]order 20 mg sarafem with visa[/url]. Reproduced with by their heterogeneous nature, and because they’re permission of the writer. The commonest artic functional outcome in about 40% of circumstances), and the ular manifestation of continual Lyme disease is infamma promptness oftreatment.
    Never305] have provided proof of decreased incidence of theless, evidence on the benet of the strict goal of < one hundred thirty/ cardiovascular events by bringing blood strain to rather 80 mmHg is extra restricted. Conservative therapy of urge urinary incontinence in girls: a scientific evaluation of randomized medical trials. Large cavities are frequent in proper lobes (common 40%) and left lower lobes (30%) prostate cancer therapy [url=]buy 50mg casodex[/url]. Best obtainable research on the protection of this procedure indicate a low likelihood of opposed results (Collaris and Oei 2004; Nassar et al. Intervening at this stage is key, earlier than ladies enter older age and face doubtlessly irreversible end-organ harm like myocardial infarction, among the many main causes of demise in women. On examination, there was some voluntary ders characterised by widespread damage to the cortex or facial paresis on both sides, especially the left, some subcortical areas, including traumatic brain damage (Tateno dysarthria, and some dysphagia, but through the et al. In some situations, circumstances may make it desirable or essential to depart from this guideline; as is customary, any such departure should be correctly argued and furnished with documentation. Luoto R, Laitinen K, Nermes M et al (2010) Impact of maternal probiotic-supplemented dietary counselling on being pregnant consequence and prenatal and postnatal progress: a double-blind, placebo-controlled examine medicine go down [url=]purchase genuine co-amoxiclav line[/url]. Scalp hairs on folks of African descent also are oval, 1998; Zhou, Byrne, Jacobs, & Fuchs, 1995). He suffers from a light steady type of headache, affecting the forehead and the best side of the top. Proposed modifications to sufferers medications or therapy timing should mentioned with the nephrologist. In the absence of ultrasound guidance the precularly slightly more caudally into the intercostal ferred web site is the 6th or 7th intercostal house within the muscular tissues. Cyclosporine ophthalmic solution can be utilized concomitantly with artificial tears; nonetheless, patients ought to enable for a 15-minute interval between the Cequa Instill 1 drop twice every day merchandise hypertensive urgency treatment [url=]order hytrin 2 mg on line[/url]. For left ventricle perform assessment the left ventricle must be opacified; scan should be gated and will have all phases. For example, inherited genetic illnesses in human beings are often variable in expression from one individual to the subsequent. M alignantdeeplobe parotid node metastases,particularly inearly-stage lowerlipcancer,is low, tumors are quite uncommon;h owever,th ey are generally a ch allenge forth e averagingless th an10%. The evaluation included an adjustment of the chemical concentrations by elements infuencing postnatal publicity (age at operation and period of breastfeeding) by linear regression, but no adjustment was made for elements associated to chemical concentrations in the mother. It is estimated that nearly 200 million folks from the extra complete and well-performed tips, our focus is to with diabetes are undiagnosed and are, subsequently, more at a danger of growing facilitate the optimum utilization of the obtainable medications and monitoring problems, which embody kidney failure, blindness, amputations, coronary heart instruments to optimize diabetes outcomes blood pressure medication guanfacine [url=]order trandate mastercard[/url]. Where childbearing outside of marriage is unusual, as in most elements of Asia, this development means that the postponement or rejection of marriage is a crucial determinant of fertility ranges. B, Formation of a quadrivalent in meiosis is important to align the homologous segments of the two derivative chromosomes and their regular homologues.

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