Perfect Ankara Top For The Beach (First Post)

Welcome to the Ray Darten blog!! Thank God it's Fri-Yaaaay!! This is going to be the 1st of many,  focused on sharing styles , nature, family, our team, anything that comes to mind and how all these inspire our styles at RD.

So what to talk about, hmm... ok I know, the past few days have been very busy, stressful yet so so rewarding and exciting, Ray Darten finally launched...Yaaay!!!! Couldn't be more grateful to God for this new chapter of my life and you guys are making it all worth it already. Overwhelmed by the kind words, support and of course, the orders. Thank you!!!!!

So what better way to ease the stress than hit the beach... Yaaaaaas! I'm an absolute lover of nature and being immersed in nature is just the most relaxing thing I could ever think of. I find the beach to be one of the best places to get inspiration for my designs. Did I mention I had my sketch book, pens, markers etc with me? You know what that means right? New designs!!!!!! Stay tuned. 

The Ray Darten Ebun off-shoulder top was the perfect piece I needed, it's stylish, breezy, lightweight and you bet comfortable. You can never go wrong with the pop of colors too...they scream summer! fun! and confidence!!! I paired it with an Asos wrap maxi skirt with a slit to show off just the right amount of skin (yeah baby). 

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you guys think. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @raydarten, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest.




Off-shoulder ankara top- Ray Darten

Maxi Skirt- ASOS 

Lip color- Mac Retro Matte liquid lippie (Dance with Me)

Sunglasses- Oldie but goodie

Photography- Wole Olukoya





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    The handoff of nursing care involves sharing inforfoundation of the occupation: nursing is a science as well as mation on every shopper, unit, and group (workflow), an artwork, and nursing follow is rooted within the scientific and the plan of care has been recognized as a perfect supply course of. The ongoing funding in the growth of those facilities will better equip them to provide essential prevention, screening, care, and therapy for viral hepatitis. The stem cells are filtered, saved in luggage, and frozen till the patient is ready for them diabetes education handouts [url=]buy prandin mastercard[/url]. International Headache Society 2018 22 Cephalalgia 38(1) In the absence of headache fulfilling criteria for 1. The decreased part within the basement membranes of perfusion of the kidney causes juxtaglomerular the eyes, ears, and kidneys.

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    In 2013 14, about 1% of hospitalisations had a drug-associated principal analysis; of those, fifty five% were for alcohol. I’m not saying they were doing any of this stuff in a mean way, by the way in which: not once did any kid snicker or make noises or do something like that. Fat injection to the breast: technique, results, and indications based mostly on 880 procedures over 10 years muscle relaxant gel india [url=]buy 60 caps shallaki visa[/url]. However, there is a excessive rate of penetrating illness and perianal illness in Asia even at prognosis, suggesting that difficult illness conduct just isn’t unusual in East Asia [3,10 12]. Generalized lymphadenopathy, fever, night time sweats, weight loss, straightforward fatigability, weakness, and elevated bleeding are widespread complaints.
    Algorithm for analysis and therapy of infants born to mothers with reactive serologic exams for syphilis. Three days later She had a bronchoscopy yesterday and can get the outcomes tomor- row. Clinical Guidelines: Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain: a Joint Clinical Practice Guideline From the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society pain medication for dogs hips [url=]cheap trihexyphenidyl american express[/url]. Dogs have tailored a mechanism, with prolonged intervals of intromission to make sure reproductive success (Sorensen, 1979). It also leads to esophageal varices, rectal hemorrhoids, and distention of periumbilical venous collaterals. Did the patient have a prior invasive malignancy (excluding non-melanomatous pores and skin cancer). Interpreting Levels of Urinary 2-Isopropoxyphenol Reported in the Tables Propoxur is successfully absorbed through the pores and skin and from inhalation and ingestion pathways of publicity. Today, she says she has had a persistent sensation of tingling and numbness of her left thigh that she didn’t report in the hospital as a result of she thought it might go away; the feeling has improved somewhat during the previous week antimicrobial q-tips [url=]buy dofixim overnight[/url]. Statistical significance was maintained at week 35 and week 66 for all pre-specified sensitivity analyses, including all lacking data sensitivity analyses. However, it is among the most common lymphomas in the pediatric population, representing 10% to fifteen% of childhood lymphomas. Advanced endoscopy strategies permit the differentiation of hyperplastic polyps due to their typical surface (desk ​(table2)2) [5,6]. Critical rationalism An method usually associated with Popper that maintains that rival theories may be judged against particular, unchanging, common standards, that are divorced from or set past the influences of time or society. Required programs include common botany, zoology, chemistry, microbiology, environmental science, plus restoration ecology, geology of Maryland, and Ecological Principles and Environmental Assessment medicine naproxen 500mg [url=]discount paxil 40mg mastercard[/url]. Do not Wait a minimum of half-hour for the leave the orange cap off for greater than 5 minutes. The Department of Defense Plan to Achieve the Vision of the DoD Task Force on Mental Health: Report to Congress. There are already a number of further examples the place genetic findings of course have therapy studying much more of the out there genetic info, is already being applied in a number of settings. The youngster will then be asked to suggest what the grownup might do to enhance his or her dialog skills. Panic disorder have to be distinguished fom panic attacks occurrig as part of established phobic anxiousness disorders treatment 11mm kidney stone [url=]25 mg capoten for sale[/url]. Brain hemorrhage and optic nerve vacuolation had been seen in another feminine canine that was sacrificed in moribund condition after 11 weeks of escalating doses as much as 280 mg/kg/day. Once the milk provide is well established, the infant often will achieve interest in feeding. It anesthesia, the eyeball is steadied with a fixation is a satisfactory procedure to appropriate high forceps and a small incision is made almost 2 mm diploma of myopia. An evaluation of radical resection for It confirmed a wonderful fee of local control with pancreatic most cancers based on the mode of recurrence ninety four% with out bettering overall survival as a result of as determined by post-mortem and diagnostic imaging. Osteoma in the skull (benign) within the other case Strouhal Skeletons up to the Christian interval four 1989 9,10,11,12 more cases of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (Aufderheide 2003: 431) Strouhal seven more osteomas and a bone cyst on a 1992 13,14, 108 Named after James Ewing, who described the tumour within the Nineteen Twenties, in Ewing J virus quarantine [url=]cefaclor 500 mg cheap[/url]. People on steady doses of opioid analgesics for chronic pain administration and other people taking buprenorphine or methadone for their opioid dependency could not have a higher risk of a crash than the overall population, providing the dose has been stabilised over some weeks and they are not abusing different impairing medication. Clinically, fissured tongue metronidazole, extreme smoking, radiation, is characterized by multiple fissures or grooves on emotional stress, poor oral hygiene, and C.
    The court docket held that there is no rigid minimal age for considering the wishes of the kid. Countries want a cost-effective drug administration technique that promotes adherence to medical therapy, motivates patients, builds belief and strengthens communications between clinicians and sufferers and their households. Hence, extreme fear or apprehension may be considered “scientific anxiousness” whether it is developmentally inappropriate skin care 9 year old [url=]order bactroban 5gm on-line[/url]. If necessary, therapy can be given, in being pregnant however antithyroid medicine cross the placenta and in high doses could cause fetal goitre and hypothyroidism. In addition to the importance of having baseline data for the popularity of surprising occurrences, a community-wide plan for critically and systematically evaluating the info is as necessary. The brown pigment seen in the illustration is the individual’s regular pores and skin shade; the pale areas are attributable to vitiligo. The federal companions additionally will support and work to enhance present surveillance methods that provide very important information on viral hepatitis infection among blood donors and discover alternatives for public-personal efforts that would help national surveillance programs with the evaluation of antagonistic occasions related to the transfusion and transplantation processes. Data from one evaluation indicated that forty% of the infants uncovered to cytotoxic drugs have been of low birth weight (2) diabetes medicine overdose [url=]trusted glucovance 500/5mg[/url]. These bile acids are neces sary for the body to soak up nutritional vitamins A, D and E, all of which are present in fat. Monoclonal antibodies and hyperimmune globulin might provide further preventive strategies. Dietary pattern analysis and biomarkers of low-grade infammation: a scientific literature review. An in vitro study has examined the potential use of nimodipine as a tocolytic agent (10). She was slowly weaned off of all his knees, the crepitation was tremendously decreased in addition to of her medicines breast cancer latest studies [url=]buy lovegra online pills[/url]. Variants of bipolar disorder embrace rapid and ultrarapid cycling (manic and depressed episodes occurring at cycles of weeks, days, or hours). Using monitoring data for intervention-related decision- making In the context of document-preserving and monitoring, info is good provided that it may be used. Patients should tell their physician immediately in the event that they develop a rash during the first few months of taking an anticonvulsant drugs. Akinetic mutism could also be thefinal state frequent to the end-phases of numerous neurodegenerative pathologies. Lack of Evidence-Based Guidelines Evidence-based tips exist for preventing early childhood caries,sixty one as do threat assessment devices,83 therapy protocols, and resources to support caregiver activation and family self-care antibiotics in the sun [url=]purchase 250mg cefadroxil with visa[/url]. This was confirmed by finding that almost (21%), hypothyroidism (19%), vitiligo (patchy skin two-thirds of respondents were dissatisfied with present depigmentation) (13%), rheumatoid arthritis (8%), diabetes treatment and that one-third had experienced signs for mellitus (6%), coeliac illness (6%), previous Helicobacter up to a 12 months before prognosis. Up to 27 fractions is considered medically essential Unresectable or gross residual illness A.

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